Services & Verticals

Our Service Offerings

Our Service offerings cover the broad spectrum of architectural design and engineering. We aim to offer turn-key solutions to our customers.

Feasibility Studies: This is the first and most critical stage. A right feasibility study is critical to ensure success of project ensuring true value to the stakeholders.

Concept & Planning: Bring to the world a portfolio of innovative & smart designs that anticipate and satisfy client's requirements and exceeds there expectations. We further understand that no two sites are similar, therefore we ensure individual approach towards each project, ensuring meticulous planning with dep understanding of requirements and Project aims.

Design: This is heart of our service offerings. Backed with state-of-the-art BIM / CAD systems, we deliver our inspiring and innovative design in time and quality

Engineering: We offer comprehensive and allied engineering services to our clients. Our consultants have deep understanding on engineering requirements for various types of projects. From MEP to Systems, we have capability to cover them all.

Our Verticals

We specialise in planning & architectural design of following verticals :

Hospitals / Healthcare: Planning the Design and Construction of Healthcare facilities is a very specialised field that has begun getting its due only in the last few years in India. This is because we have now come to realize the important role the design and planning of the hospital plays in healing the patient. The aim of an architect is to ensure that their design satisfies the people living and functioning in the space they design.

Institutions & Colleges : We design college campus architecture that offers a framework in which students can thrive and that promotes good study habits and wellness for academic success. Whether your institution is a four-year university, a community college, a commuter campus, or a trade school, we can design an ideal environment in which students can learn and grow.

Stations & Terminals : Stations and terminals are a significant element in the operation of transportation services. Their architecture affect the efficiency of a transport system and have impact on entire network and overall operations. Therefore, these needs to be very meticulously planned and designed.

Public Buildings : If we could choose the most important factor contributing to guest satisfaction in the hospitality field, it would be architecture and design of the public buildings like hotels, convention centers, auditoriums etc. The layout and design of these structures tells a story and completely defines the visitors’ experience.